FIFA Mobile's VS Attack

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FIFA Mobile's VS Attack


FIFA Mobile's VS Attack mode is a new multiplayer mode that focuses on delivering a quick and easy match experience that is more exciting, engaging, and fun! Continue reading to learn how VS Attack works.


What is VS Attack in FIFA Mobile


VS Attack takes everything you know about Attack Mode and gives you a quick and easy way to play against other people. No more waiting for others to play their turns. In VS Attack, you'll connect to an opponent in seconds, play against each other's line-ups in a two minute match and once you're done, it's off to the next one.


How Does VS Attack Mode Work?


EA has done a few things to make matchmaking and playing VS Attack easy. First thing, they removed the World Map and introduced a simple Match-Making screen. Here you willl get the details on your current Division, what you need to do to reach the next one and the option to Play a Match.


Clicking the Play button activates our new matchmaking system that pairs you up with someone from the same division, who also has a similar number of fans.


Once you're connected, you will each get about 15 seconds to select your Formation and Tactic before the match loads. The Formation you pick is the one your opponent plays against. Meaning that if you go for an Attack Formation like 3-4-1-2, your opponent will be facing off against your three defenders on their turns.


Once a VS Attack match begins, the 2:00 timer starts and you'll have that much time to score more goals than your opponent. The clock does not stop for corners, free kicks or penalties, so you'll have to play efficiently if you hope to win. EA has also removed replays after goals or huge saves to make sure you have the most chances to score in each match.


Although you aren't playing against someone in a regular match, each player is getting live feedback on what their opponent is doing. If they're encountering a Counter Attack situation, you'll be notified of it. If they just scored a goal, you'll know it and the pressure is on you to do the same.


After the timer is up, you'll get a notification screen to let you know how well you did versus what your opponent did. There is no extra time in VS Attack, so you'll want to go for the win ineach match you play.


Wins in VS Attack earn you Fans to move up the divisions. Losing matches will result in a loss of fans and increase your risk of getting relegated.


HOW LONG DO SEASONS IN VS ATTACK LAST? When VS Attack begins, each season will last about a week but EA may adjust based on feedback and player data.


At the end of each season, you'll be rewarded with a prize pack. Higher divisions mean better prizes.


What are the Prizes?


EA are taking their popular Blue Star Program and implementing a similar structure for VS Attack. EA have three players that you can upgrade from their base OVR in the hopes of reaching 99-OVR. The better you do in VS Attack, the better the Tokens you get. Those in FIFA Champion will be able to upgrade these players to their max Overall Rating while those in lower divisions will need to move up the divisions to do the same.


The division you end each season is also the division you start with, the only thing that resets is the number of fans you start with. So, if you finish a season as a FIFA Champion, you'll start the next season in FIFA Champion but with the base number of fans.


Every time you win a match in VS Attack, you'll receive a Victory Token and based on the division you are at, you'll also get Division Tokens. Both Tokens are necessary to unlock and upgrade the VS Attack Players. You will also be able to buy VS Attack Packs in the store to help you improve your players quicker. However, you can only get VS Attack Tokens for the division you are in. Meaning, if you are in Pro II only Pro II VS Attack Token Packs are available in the Store.


EA will reveal the Players involved in this program before the mode is officially live.


Is VS Attack Available in other Modes?


At the moment no, VS Attack is exclusive to our new VS Attack Mode. League and Friendly matches will still use the older Attack Mode format. EA may consider adding this feature in the future but EA do not have a timeframe for the moment.


The does VS Attack Mode Begin?


EA are aiming to push the mode live on Wednesday, May 24 around Noon PT (8pm UK) but this is subject to change. VS Attack is something that they have been working on for the last few months and EA cannot wait for everyone to finally get in and experience it first-hand. Make sure to let EA know what you think.