FIFA Mobile Update 6

GM2V Date: May/22/17 05:35:35 Views: 1167

FIFA Mobile Update 6


This week, EA launch Update 6 for the FIFA Mobile game. This update includes the new mode, VS Attack, and addresses a few gameplay issues.


Attacking Run improvements

Fixed issue where players would run the wrong direction on Possession start

Improved move targets of supporting players

Fixed issue where players would stop their support runs early


Offside Behavior

Improved the frustrating behavior of Players running offside very often

Based on Positioning and Awareness Attribute players will slow down earlier and stay onside

Based on Positioning and Awareness Attribute we improved the behavior how fast players get back onside


Dribbling Overhaul

Significantly improved Jog dribble responsiveness

Ensured that players with higher Dribble attribute are agiler when sprint dribbling

Roulette is now available to most players but the Dribble attribute determines the effectiveness of the move

Improved Rainbow Flick effectiveness



After 10 seconds Auto Play will now take set pieces automatically

Improved Scissor Kick aiming so that shots go downwards

You can now apply curl to corner kicks with gesture controls

Fixed issue where buttons did not initialize immediately following a goal.

Fixed issue where at the beginning of a counter attack possession the defender would not go towards the ball

Fixed Two player header situation where players would miss-time their header

Tuned VS Attack and Attack Mode Possessions


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